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Myrtle Beach Condo Design Web Site


When you rent your property with Computers Lans Services and Associates, Inc. (CLS Associates), we create the opportunity for condominium owners to maximize the return on their investment(s). We will discount our cost to develop your web site and allow you, the owner, to personalize your own web page. We will take your input and then build your web page. Once this is completed, we will send you a copy of the web page and get your approval. After that we will publish your web page and manage your property with care. You can choose from three different packages. The different packages are as follows:


         Basic Package

        Develop web page,

        Maximum of 5 pictures

        Availability, pricing and contact information

        Cost $250.00

         Enhanced Price Package

        Develop web page

        Maximum of 7 pictures

        Choose your own theme

        Maximum of 3 pages

        Banner exchange. This will increase your visibility.

        Cost $500.00

         Premium Package

        Develop web page

        Maximum of 15 pictures

        Choose you own theme

        Maximum of 8 pages

        Hi-visibility program which submits your URL to 100 search engines. This will maximize the visibility of your web page.

        Cost $750.00


If you went to other companies to develop your web page your cost would be much higher. With us you not only get to develop and personalize your web page, but you also will have a company who cares about its Owners and takes care of their units. Please contact Keith Cadieux at 800-277-9397 for further details.


This program is offered to Owners who sign up and rent their property with CLS Associates.


We gladly provide the following items to our guests during their stay.





       Coffee filters

       Dishwasher Detergent

       Laundry Detergent

       Toilet Tissue

       Facial Tissue

       Paper Towels

       Linens Included

       Bath Towels

       Hand Towels

       Wash Cloths

       Bath Mats